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July Birthdays

Countryside North Apartments

Happy Birthday to our residents with July Birthdays!
Morrie D., 4th
Carly L., 6th
Robert P., 6th
Londyn D., 7th
Tyler R., 7th
Judith B., 8th
Denise J., 9th
Scot C., 10th
Roberta F., 11th
Beyounca G., 12th
Marilyn T., 12th
Silvia O., 13th
Lisa T., 15th
Kenneth C., 16th
Sandra A., 17th
Leyah C., 19th
Isaac M., 19th
Keri W., 21st
Irving L., 22nd
Ebonee M., 23rd
Misty C., 25th
Chole N., 30th

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